Considering the importance of using flying robots (Multi Routers) in various fields as well as variety in application, ease of use and repairs, most importantly, easy to fly and their availability has made these devices  very useable in different areas. These robots are used in Aerial imaging – Aerial mapping and discoveries mines – carry out oversight projects – rescue missions – military missions – Border Guards and Firecrackers – Firefighting Missions – Traffic Control- Photogrammetry – Regulatory Flights Spectroscopy – Imaging industrial and construction.


Traffic control, estimation of damages caused by mountain falls and accidents are the biggest challenges of road management. The multi rotors that flying over roads with various airships and sending on-line images to road control centers can be a good tool for traffic analysis and various events on the roadside.


Flying robots are capable of carrying out amplifying and repeating various communications systems and by using a long cable system can  fly in far distance. This feature can be a good alternative instead of cars and communication towers in times of crisis and special situations


Flying robots in 3 sections can help industry managers to make decisions:

  1. Fly on water reservoirs, freeways, river and dams to control the security and management of this facility.
  2. Control utility lines, using thermal cameras.
  3. Cleaning

Power Transmission Lines and Gas

  • Multi-rotors in the oil and gas industry can carry out important missions. For example, aerial visits of the gas flares that their pictures will be very useful in time of overhaul of facilities.
  • Visiting reservoirs, facilities and pipelines are the area that flying robots can be used. Also, in this industry by installing a variety of sensors for identifying different gases on the flying robots, we can control oil fields and preventing incidents.
  • Multi-rotors will be able to cope with crises


  •  Farmers and gardeners in order to spray their lands and gardens used Manual pumps or tractors. In this method, the poison does not reach the plant or the spraying tools (tractors) damage the land and products.
  • But by using the poison sprayer multi-router, the poison in a coordinated manner and in the least possible time sprays on pasture or gardens. Also, with sensor installation and GPS on these flying robot can spry polygonal and non-flat terrain smartly and without damage to the product.
  • The second usage of multi-router in this industry, is agricultural analysis. Multi router flying through coordinates of the land and by thermal cameras provides imagery from the ground and by image processing software check out specific parts of the earth and areas that have pest and disease. This analysis has a significant role in the form of Cultivation and fruiting of land.


  • Aerial and topographic mapping
  • Explore areas and zones
  • Calculation of volumes, supervision and control over contractor excavation operations
  • Rescue and Firefighting
  • Safety in mines
    Control the mineral materials for providing proper feed to the processing plant
  • Surveillance of quarrying and cargo fire in mines
  • Traffic control in open pit mines
  • Controlling gas in underground mines
  • Military protection and patrol control


Military commanders can use flying robots for identifying, communicating, Voice and Video communication, help to forces, control of urban disturbances


Installing a variety of cinematic cameras on these flying robots has made fundamental changes to the imaging industry and different sections  in this industry like cinema, television, studios, news agencies, have been affected by them.


Now for taking aerial photos that reference the map production,  mapping aircraft and cameras are used and they are very costly. Flying robots has a low cost and more accurately can take these pictures.

Also these robots can produce maps using 3D cameras and comprehensive 3D digital images that are useful and very practical parts in various industries.


These flights will often carry out by two goals as air traffic control and relief tasks and it was possible to use separate flight units in the area and the benefits of this surveillance system are that the images are complete and comprehensive which can help managers in the environmental protection (tackling unauthorized hunting, interrupting hunting, analyze and decide when fire, firefighting, etc.). Also, the ability to view and transfer these images in alive form is possible.

Urban Management

  • Urban managers can use images that sent live to the management center for preventing and controlling traffic from urban roads. Also, these robots by taking pictures from the city can help managers provide better services to citizens.
  • Another application of multi-router, is technical monitoring and Metro tunnels safety by using Knight Vision cameras.

Crisis Management

As we know, in emergencies, such as floods, fires and …, the first and most important factor to manage the crisis is having enough information and initial assessment of the incident, in this case multi-routers can offer us a lot of live images with great depth and breadth and will lead to a better and more accurate management of the crisis